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Generous Solutions to make the world a more generous place

Helping non-profits engage and grow through events and donations

November 1, 2018 by Centaine Tyler on GenerousSolutions

While serving on the Board of Directors for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Derek Deacon-Rogers realized the financial and time strain that managing tickets for events put on non-profits.

This revelation prompted him to create GenerousTickets in 2016, a ticketing platform initially designed for events hosted by non-profit organizations.

“I wanted to give all non-profits the most effective technology to meet their event and fund development needs,” Derek says. “Most of the time, the organizations I meet have limited staff or are volunteer-run, with limited time and a limited budget.”

Two years later, Derek rebranded the company to GenerousSolutions, and expanded its services beyond tickets to also provide extensive tools to energize the fundraising lifecycle. Complete event registration, ticket management, and processing of online donations is included. Improving donor relationships is of huge significance to non-profits, so GenerousSolutions ensures that all online data generated through the platform belongs to the partner.

On top of energizing non-profit organizations, GenerousSolutions provides tools for individual donors to manage their own fundraising events. Derek’s daughter recently had her birthday and asked for money on GenerousSolutions in lieu of gifts. She donated 50% of the money raised to a cause of her choosing. 

This has inspired Derek to add a “donate your life event” to the platform for such occasions, an option that non-profits can use to further activate their supporter networks.  

“We want to make the world a more generous place. Streamlining fundraising for organizations and individuals seems like the right place to start.”


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