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GoElectric creates a sustainable future for all

Bringing the future of transportation to Calgary

May 1, 2019 by Centaine Hlushak on GoElectric

When electrical engineer and former high school science teacher Jim Steil was laid off from the oil field, he took the opportunity to pursue his true passion: making electric cars accessible to the everyman.

GoElectric was founded in late 2018, selling used electric and hybrid vehicles. “A two-year-old electric car runs just as well as a brand new one,” Jim explains, surrounded by Teslas, Smartcars, and Nissan Leafs sourced from California.

For the especially enthusiastic car nuts, GoElectric is converting gas-powered vehicles to run on electricity.

To make the conversion, Jim and his crew replace the engine, motor, and fuel line with several batteries and a plug-in outlet. “I love tinkering with cars,” Jim says, adding that he once gave his old Volvo the same treatment. As fun as it is, the service and parts cost a pretty penny, adding up to at least $50,000. So Jim says it’s typically reserved for people with “summer vehicles” such as classic cars.

“We’re happy to make Grandpa’s first car last much longer,” Jim says. “I love classic cars, but they’re also incredibly loud and terrible for the environment.”

Jim’s passion for the environment doesn’t end with electric cars, and dreams of using GoElectric’s influence to create a “sustainability hub,” bringing in several sustainably-minded businesses to a shared space, collaborating with one another and educating the next generation to make the world a better place.


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