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Harness your productive brainpower at Sustainability for Breakfast

Modern + Mindful hosts Sustainability for Breakfast

March 14, 2017 by Centaine Tyler on Modern + Mindful

As business owners, it often feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to answer emails, take meetings, and meet deadlines. This month’s Sustainability for Breakfast hopes to alleviate that stress.

The event will be hosted by Modern + Mindful -- a meditation studio for the 21st century, and Think Productive – a workshop service that helps companies and organizations unleash their inner “Productivity Ninja.”

Modern + Mindful will be leading mini-meditations in between Think Productive’s tips on managing your day-to-day business life effectively, including email organization. “It’ll be a very intimate gathering, and an experience to network with like-minded professionals and then experience the benefits of a focus-based meditation in conjunction with Think Productive,” says Sarah Webb, co-founder of Modern + Mindful.

“We’ll have people check their emails before a meditation, then check again afterward to see if their brain is responding differently, and how they’re perceiving their workload.”

One of the many benefits of meditation is the ability to better focus on the task at hand rather than jumping between several tasks at once, maximizing your time. Meditation can also tap into the parts of the brain that are responsible for creative thinking. Sarah says it’s important to note that, scientifically speaking, it takes eight weeks of meditation for the brain to physically change, although some people do feel a small difference after their first session.

Modern + Mindful hosts drop-in meditation sessions several times per day, each 30 minutes in length, meant to be accessible to anyone. The studio also offers a corporate meditation program, which is a customized option to offer guided meditation on-location, with an instructor from Modern + Mindful.

Sarah hopes that the guests will come away from Sustainability for Breakfast with “a greater sense of tools they can use to keep themselves calmer and focussed on the day-to-day, and feel that they can achieve all their tasks in an efficient manner.”

“We love what [Think Productive] is doing, and how they want to make people more efficient to free up more time for what matters.”


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