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Hitch an eco-friendly ride with InOrbis

All-Tesla transportation company emerges in Calgary

November 22, 2017 by Centaine Hlushak on InOrbis

As ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft become increasingly popular choices for inner-city travel, newcomer InOrbis is tackling travel between cities with its fleet of Teslas.

Tesla is a brand of luxury vehicle and the first fully electric car on the market. InOrbis chose Tesla as its sole driver because they believe in creating a better tomorrow through sustainable transportation options.

“We’ve been following sustainable innovation for years,” says RJ Pavić, Business Development Lead. “And we figured out that electric cars are finally at the stage where they can provide a viable option for long-distance travel,”

“So, we thought, ‘why not make a business out of it?’” InOrbis was launched in July 2017 by Rosario Fortugno, an electrical engineer “passionate about driving the development of sustainable technologies and autonomous vehicles.”

InOrbis is currently offering rides to and from Edmonton. Many of its clients are professionals on business trips, who used to fly between the two cities. By taking an electric car as opposed to flying, one round trip can save approximately 1.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide. On average, there are 40 flights every day from Calgary to Edmonton.

RJ says they plan to roll out a more affordable option to ride with InOrbis, where passengers can purchase a seat in a Tesla shared with other people for a lower price than taking a whole car for themselves.

The name InOrbis comes from the Latin translation for ‘One World.’ RJ explains the name “connects to our roots of sustainability. We want to connect the world, for the world to be ‘one,’ and for that one world to work to improve together.”


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