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Inaugural NeuroTrition Conference makes neuroscience easy to swallow

Bringing together neuroscience and nutrition at educational conference

October 4, 2017 by Centaine Hlushak on NeuroTrition

There’s been a “growing hunger” in Calgary for information on the link between brain science and nutrition, says Orsha Magyar.

A devout foodie, nutritionist, and neuroscientist, Orsha combines her expertise in these fields as the holistic nutrition consultancy NeuroTrition. On October 15, she is launching the inaugural NeuroTrition Conference at the Calgary Winter Club to teach the general public about food’s links to mental health and cognitive function.

“I wanted to find a way to bring my science council to the forefront because they play such an important role in the business,” Orsha says. “I want everything to be true to science, especially because I’ve been out of the field for seven years. They hold me accountable.”

In an effort to dispel the idea that neuroscience is “scary” by presenting the information in tangible ways, the one-day conference will feature Q&A-style presentations by four “heavy-hitter” neuroscientists and members of Orsha’s council:

  • Keith Sharkey, PhD - Your Gut And Your Brain: A Love Story. Dr Keith Sharkey is Chair of Crohn’s and Colitis Canada in Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) Research. His talk will cover research on the use of pre and probiotics and their effects on mental health.
  • Matthew Hill, PhD - How Eating Affects Stress And Stress Affects Eating. Dr Matthew Hill is the Canadian Research Chair on the Neurobiology of Stress, and the Royal Society of Canada's newest member. He will discuss how to utilize food and lifestyle choices to combat negative emotions.
  • Stephanie Borgland, PhD – Breaking Your Food Addiction. Also named to the Royal Society of Canada, and the 2016 Canadian Association for Neuroscience Young Investigator of the Year, Dr Stephanie Borgland will present on the science behind binge eating disorders and how to “rewire” the brain.
  • Ilia Karatsoreos, PhD - Wake Up to Sleep: A Primer On Your Biological Clock. The Associate Professor at Washington State University’s Sleep and Performance Research Center, Dr Ilia Karatsoreos is presenting the findings that link sleep to brain function and metabolism and could help people recover from jet lag, shift work, and frequent travel.

The four scientists will later join Orsha for a panel discussion between brain-friendly snacks concocted from the forthcoming NeuroTrition cookbook.

“I am so excited,” Orsha says. "This information will finally be available to the public."


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