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Industry with Purpose a force for cross-sector learning

Panel event examines doing well by doing good

Innovation often comes from learning. On May 16, Chandos Construction will be hosting Industry with Purpose – a panel discussion and learning experience for businesses that want to be doing well by doing good.

“Chandos Construction wanted to further the discussion they’d been having with themselves in terms of how they run their company,” says David LePage, managing partner of Buy Social Canada and moderator of the Industry with Purpose panel. “In terms of employee ownership, wages, and environmental concerns, and trying to share that concept within their industry and related sectors.”

The event will also examine supply chain issues, which is where David’s expertise comes in. Buy Social Canada, a partner of REAP,  advances and promotes social procurement by bringing socially driven purchasers and social enterprise suppliers together, building business relationships that generate social benefits to communities across the country.

“We were invited by Chandos to host the panels and identify ideal panelists from the social enterprise sector,” David explains.

The panel consists of Jeff Loomis, Executive Director of Momentum; Wayne Chiu, Co-founder of Trico Homes and Trico Charitable Foundation; Michael Selchi, Senior Vice President of Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC); Tim Coldwell, President of Chandos Construction; and James Boettcher, CEO of Fiasco Gelato.

“We wanted the panel to include cross-sector sharing to broaden the conversation,” David says, as the panel includes non-profits, construction, a financial institution and a food business. Momentum and Fiasco Gelato are REAP businesses. Four of the five panelists also work with or own B-Corp certified businesses – a rigorous stamp of approval that examines a business’ governance, environmental and community efforts, and employee treatment.

“Industry with Purpose is really about sitting down together and looking at business as a solution to economic, social and environmental issues that communities are facing. Nobody can do it alone.”


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