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Lantern fosters bright ideas and outdoor play

Calgary-designed flashlight innovates

September 14, 2017 by Centaine Tyler on Lantern

After a successful career in architecture, Cory Krygier decided to try something new.

“I was playing with some bicycle lamps and I thought, what else could this be?” he says. Answering that question led him to create Lantern, a brand of flashlights billed as “the ultimate multifunctional light.”

Cory got his idea off the ground through crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo InDemand – raising over $60,000 altogether last year. The Canadian-designed lights now come in various sizes – regular, mini, and keychain-sized – with an armband in development, and have sold in 75 countries around the world.

Although Lantern is based in Calgary, the products are manufactured in China. Cory has laid out a strict set of requirements to ensure the factory he partners with treats its people fairly, and he’s planning to make a pilgrimage out to Shenzhen to meet them in person.

“I’m all about the relationship,” he says.

It’s also fostered his children’s inventive spirit. Cory recalls being on holiday in Arizona when his then-six-year-old son strapping together some pool noodles to make a ‘Noodle Chair,’ and begged his dad to “call China.”

“I still have the prototypes in my office,” he says.

Lantern products are thoughtfully designed to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. The diffuser head spreads light out by 700 feet, and has enough power to charge a cell phone – a necessity when out in the middle of nowhere in the dark.

Cory is implementing a give-back business model for Lantern. In partnership with Place2Give – a philanthropic platform run by childhood friend Gena Rotstein – the Lantern Fund takes a portion from each sale and puts it towards community engagement to bring people together in the great outdoors.

“I’ve seen some of the things Gena has done, and the experiences that come out of that that you would never have had otherwise are pretty amazing.”


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