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Lowen’s Skincare spreads the love

Lowen's Skincare keeps it local through collaboration with other local businesses in Calgary

August 18, 2015 by Centaine Hlushak on Lowen's

Chad Zelensky of Lowen’s Skincare has been taking big strides with his natural skincare line in recent years, both scientifically and in the brand’s locality. This is due, in part, to collaborations with other REAP businesses.

“I was telling Stephanie how much trouble I was having sourcing a non-GMO soy, which I had to get from Ontario, and then there’s the whole question of whether soy is an ‘evil’ ingredient.” he says.

“I said it’d be nice to find a local oil that’s high in essential fatty acids, and had all the components of what I was looking for, and she introduced me to Highwood Crossing.”

Highwood Crossing is a local, certified organic grain farm in High River, owned by Tony and Penny Marshall. Chad met with Tony shortly thereafter, and has been using Highwood Crossing canola oil in his lip balms ever since.

Chad adds that he’s always been interested in local beeswax, particularly in sourcing it from Calgary. “I tried sourcing wax from Alberta, and I got onto some message boards. I made some good relationships as far as sourcing wax, but not so much in Calgary until Stephanie mentioned Apiaries and Bees for Communities" (ABC).

Just as with Highwood Crossing, Chad has began integrating wax from ABC into his products ever since.

Chad has also recently hooked up with Botaneco, a Calgary based company that produces naturally-occurring emulsifiers called oleosomes. “The neat thing about this product is that it's derived from certified organic safflower, which has a water-loving layer and a water-hating layer. So these two components work together to naturally mix water and oil -- critical components in many personal care products. I’m going to be putting that in my lip balms for the first time and I’m really excited!”


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