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Make the most of the rest of summer break with Calgary Reads’ Summer Activity Challenge

Calgary Reads encourages kids and families to have fun learning

August 9, 2018 by Centaine Tyler on Calgary Reads

For many families, August means one thing: summer is almost over.

Calgary Reads is a non-profit dedicated to fostering literacy and a love of reading in Calgary’s kids. This year Calgary Reads created the Summer Activity Challenge to help kids of all ages squeeze every last bit of fun out of the season before school starts.

The list is comprised of 40 different activities, from creative endeavours like making pipe cleaner animals and bagged ice cream, to family outings like touring Little Free Libraries (small wooden boxes shaped like houses filled with books, posted all over the world) and visiting Calgary Reads’ Children’s Reading Place – a heritage house Inglewood transformed into a giant Little Free Library.

“The Summer Activity Challenge is a sneaky way for kids to learn over the summer while avoiding the dreaded cry of ‘I’m bored,’” says Shannon King, Communications Lead at Calgary Reads. “To give kids the inspiration to be busy and active, and maybe try some new things for the summer.”

The Challenge also encourages families to get involved together, such as cooking, sharing family stories or looking through old photos. Most of the activities are “offline” as well, with only two inherently involving technology (“Email a friend to tell them about your summer” and “Call, Facetime or Skype a family member”).

“I think it’s a nice aspect to have activities the kids can do that don’t rely on screen time,” says Shannon.

Shannon’s favourite item on the list is the ‘Readnic: Take your favourite stuffy, pack a picnic and pick a book.’ She believes it could help kids develop their skills in reading aloud, as “your favourite stuffy can be a little less intimidating and great to practice with.”

Shannon hopes that Calgary Reads’ Challenge has and will continue to encourage families to make that vital time for bonding over activities together – reading or otherwise.

“Living in Canada, the summers are really nice, but the winters tend to keep us inside. I think it’s important for families to be able to take advantage of the time they have to play outside.”


  1. Click here to view the full list of Calgary Reads’ Summer Activity Challenge.
  2. Click here to book an appointment for your kids at the Children’s Reading Place – where they’ll get to take a free book home to keep!
  3. Connect with Calgary Reads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the hashtag #SummerActivityChallenge if you follow the list’s suggestions.
  4. Check out Calgary Reads’ Sustainability Profile on the REAP website.