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Mission Wealth Advisors on the mission for sustainable investing

Patti Dolan joins the team at Mission Wealth Advisors

With more than 25 years of experience in responsible investing, Patti Dolan is bringing her expertise to Mission Wealth Advisors, a division of Raymond James.

“Sandy, the office manager at Mission Wealth Advisors, was the one who first hired me at Raymond James eight years ago. We really respect each other’s business practices and ethics so it was a natural fit,” Patti says.

Responsible Investing is the practice of investing in public companies by building investment portfolios based on factors such as its governance, environmental sustainability, social procurement, and human impact. Patti pioneered the movement in the ‘90s and has watched it grow steadily ever since.

“I think a lot of individuals don’t realize that they can extend their volunteerism or their values in community into their investment portfolio, to tailor a portfolio to your values,” she explains.

“The portfolio I run is fully transparent, so you can see under every company what they do and why they do it. I also will speak to companies directly to find answers for my clients with regards to their values being met -- such as employee compensation and environmentalism.”

At Mission Wealth Advisors, community investment is a large part of the firm’s culture. From sponsoring ski races to working with the autistic community and Patti’s work in poverty reduction, Mission Wealth Advisors’ roots run deep in Calgary.

“My hope is for responsible investing to one day not be a niche opportunity.”


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