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Nerd vs Geek are DJs that care

Local DJ service helps families and community

June 19, 2017 by Centaine Tyler on Nerd vs Geek

Nerd vs Geek is a professional DJ service rooted in the community.

“You can’t do much without a community,” says co-founder Kat Dornian. “When people come together in any way, that starts to build that community, and helps us grow to become better people.”

“It’s where passions are allowed to flourish.” Bonded by their shared passion for music, Kat has been DJing with her husband, Rod Dornian, for the past seven years. Both self-proclaimed nerds and geeks, that’s what they decided to call their company.  

Ever since Kat started Nerd vs Geek DJ Services, she’d been bothered by the amount of money spent on weddings. “I want to create a business that's able to turn some of that money spent on weddings back to the community,” she explains.

From every event, Nerd vs Geek donates $15 to Aspen Family and Community Network, a poverty-fighting charity in Calgary that supports families and youth who are facing homelessness and building strong communities.

“I feel like Aspen filled in the rest of our story.”

Nerd vs Geek also donates an additional $15 to charities of their clients’ choosing, such as the Alzheimer’s Society and Diabetes Canada.

Beyond giving back, Nerd vs Geek is also committed to providing a uniquely-tailored playlist for their clients’ weddings and other events. Kat recalls one couple who were both deeply passionate about disco music, and wanted a “soul train” motif for their wedding. Kat created an evening full of Motown, R&B, and disco, knowing how important that style of music was to the couple.

When it comes to finding obscure music, Kat and Rod use their penchant for all things nerdy to their advantage. “There was this one wedding I DJed at that really wanted piano music for their dinner,” says Kat.

“Knowing that they really liked videogames, I found a bunch of piano covers of videogame music. They were delighted.”

“It’s little things like that, and making people feel like kids again, there’s something really special about that.”


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