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ProVision Coaching keeps families and their businesses together

Business coach leads families and Appetite for Sustainability attendees to harmony

November 29, 2018 by Centaine Tyler on ProVision Coaching

When Laura Bechard married into a fourth-generation family business, she recalled feeling lost navigating the dynamics between her in-laws and her husband taking ownership of the business.

With her business coaching firm ProVision Coaching, Laura is hoping to help smooth over the pressure and struggles that family-owned businesses face, from onboarding to mediation and succession planning.

“My goal is to put divorce lawyers out of business,” she says.

Laura started ProVision Coaching three years ago after retiring from a lengthy career as a post-secondary educator. ProVision Coaching combines her desire to contribute to the business community and put forth her personal experience and background in education, business and change management to help others through custom coaching, strategic planning, advisory, and succession plans.

 “Every business and family are unique,” says Laura. “A cookie-cutter solution doesn’t work.”

Accountability is a huge piece of Laura’s work, and she will also be applying this strategy when she leads the upcoming Appetite for Sustainability event, “Ensuring a Successful 2019” on December 12 at Bite. The session, which will follow catered breakfast at Bea’s Eatery, will entail more engaging activities for participants rather than making them sit and listen.

“I want to take a pragmatic approach,” she says. “Not just talking about setting goals, but actually achieving them – putting the actions in place.”

“If we want different results, we have to act differently.”


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