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Ramsay coworking space making community more Common

The Commons a creative home away from the home office

May 16, 2018 by Centaine Tyler on The Commons

Zach Lyster was living at a Buddist temple in Thailand when his sister Erynn called him home to open a coworking space together.

The Commons has been open at the cross-section of Inglewood and Ramsay for nearly five years now, and Zach hasn’t looked back since.

“It gave us an opportunity to connect with a community that we didn’t even know existed in Calgary,” he says. “I loved meeting people, getting to know other businesses and see people working on unique ideas and being a hub for growth.”

Erynn put her design skills to the task at the space to make The Commons feel more like a home away from home for its members – because everyone who comes through the door is like family to them. Exposed brick walls, sturdy white desks, and elegant chandeliers make this “creative space” – as Zach calls it, an eclectic turn-of-the-century vibe.

The Commons team goes to great lengths to take care of each other and their members, with programs like free fitness classes, social events, and a hard focus on mental health and work-life balance. The Commons even offers a ‘Social Membership’ for those that want to be part of the community and may not need the desk space.

“We want to give people a reason to take their headphones out and connect with other businesses.”

With the growing popularity of coworking spaces in Calgary, Community Architect Jess Steinbach says the energy is what sets The Commons apart. “When I give people a tour, I encourage them to check out other spaces because I want them to feel in their gut that whatever they choose is the right one for them,” she says.

“It’s amazing to see when their eyes light up and they feel like they’re home. That they’ve found a reason to get out of their home office and put on real pants in the morning to go somewhere that’s going to foster their mental wellbeing and that of their business.”

As The Commons continues to grow, Zach hints at forthcoming projects that put a “different spin” on coworking. “If you’re not always innovating, you’re behind on the times.”

“I don’t know where we’d be without our team or our members. I feel so lucky,” he says.


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