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REAP members support LGBTQ+ youth leaders

Donations help Camp fYrefly progams

July 31, 2019 by Centaine Hlushak on ATB Financial, True Büch Kombucha

As Calgary’s Pride celebration comes around the corner, REAP is proud to showcase how our members are showing support for the LGBTQ+ community. Starting with Camp fYrefly.

Camp fYrefly is a four-day leadership camp for LGBTQ+ youth founded by the University of Alberta, challenging them to explore their identity, build resilience, and enhance self- and social-esteem -- empowering them to become leaders in their homes, schools, and communities. The program has been running for 15 years and has spread across the prairies.

ATB Financial has been a long-time supporter of fYrefly, providing funding and volunteers across Alberta, and in 2013 ATB Financial helped bring the transformative camp experience to Calgary.

This year, ATB Financial also focussed on Camp fYrefly’s school programs -- “fYrefly in Schools,” an anti-bullying program in junior high and high schools targeting homophobia and transphobia, and “Where the Rivers Meet,” a new program developed by the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services for Indigenous youth.

“One of the best parts of this partnership is engaging with the youth from the fYrefly program, we enjoy meeting them and learn so much from them,” says Sandra Huculak, Managing Director of Social Responsibility. 

“ATB is dedicated to making lives better for all Albertans which means a commitment to help make our community stronger. Our partnership with the fYrefly program supports that commitment and our belief that all Albertans should be accepted for who they are.”

True Buch is a kombucha brewery that invests in important community initiatives, and Camp fYrefly is one of the latest additions to its roster. “True Buch is proud to give our consumers the opportunity to reinvest into queer youth every single day of the year,” says Samantha Beck, Marketing Manager at True Buch.

“Camp fYrefly is doing exactly that by providing queer youth with an opportunity to find a sense of belonging while building leadership and resiliency skills. Initiatives like this for the LGBTQ+ community deserve support.” In partnership with Camp fYrefly, True Buch is sending two deserving youths to camp this summer with the funds raised from last year’s kombucha sales.

As the country continues to evolve and promote empathy and advocacy for what our LGBTQ+ youth face, Sandra shares how businesses can be productive allies for the community:

“Being a good ally starts from the inside out. ATB is proud to be an inclusive workplace which supports and encourages team members to be themselves. We also believe that being a good ally starts with the small things. The language we use and the open-mindedness we demonstrate creates a welcoming, inclusive environment for all.”

“Outside our walls, being a good ally means showing our support in meaningful ways. At ATB, we listen to the needs of our community and work together to help.”


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