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“SAGE” teachings in the classroom from SAGE Investment Advisors

Investment firm brings knowledge to university campus

Education is of utmost importance to SAGE Connected Investing. Out of its team of nine financial analysts, specialists and three portfolio managers, six of them teach finance courses at universities and healthcare associations across the province.

“It’s an inspiration working with such an engaged team who are so dedicated to giving back to the community,” says founder Brad Moore, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Portfolio Manager.

Brad is one of four generations of teachers in his family, dating back to his schoolteacher great-grandmother. Alongside colleague David Sherlock, Brad will be teaching “Investing for Success” at the University of Calgary’s downtown campus in the spring semester.

“Investing can be overwhelming for people,” says Brad. “Every day I realize there is much more for me to learn – even more so after 33 years in the investment industry.”

“More than ever we are discussing investments in light of accelerating technology, investment tools, geopolitical influences and demographics. As the world becomes more complex, investing intelligently becomes more interesting.”

Brad says he’s taking note from his “Idol” Charlie Munger, an American investor, businessman, and philanthropist; who says the key to success is to “take a simple idea and take it seriously.”

“That’s what I am trying to teach students,” he says. “There are a million ways to make money in the financial markets and we want to help people figure out what works best for them and how to implement it effectively.”

Brad says he looks forward to helping his students learn how to analyze their investments every semester, and will also be leading a second course at the University this year: Intelligent Philanthropy 101, a continuation of Investing for Success.

Patti Dolan is another Portfolio Manager and post-secondary teacher at the firm, with a course on Responsible Investing at Ambrose University kicking off its second run in January 2018.


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