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Shop online, shop local

Keeping your dollars in Calgary with the convenience of online shopping

December 20, 2016 by Centaine Hlushak on Alberta Apparel, Alora Boutique, Claudia's Choices, Community Natural Foods, Eau Claire Distillery, Ellie Bianca, Fulfilled, Goldgrass Home, Greengate Garden Centre, Highwood Crossing, Hop Compost, Leela Eco Spa, Lowen's, Mitchell Bros Beef, Neal's Yard Remedies, Nomad Mobile Gear Rentals, ReWorks Upcycle Shop, Righteous Gelato, River Cafe, Rocky Mountain Soap Company, SwizzleSticks SalonSpa, Top Grass Cattle Company, Top of the Mountain Meats, Village Brewery, Wild & Raw Superfood + Juice Bar, WorldTown Cosmetics Co.

Technology is changing the way we shop.

Online shopping is increasingly prevalent as more people take advantage of the convenience. According to Canada Post, 76% of Canadian households bought something online in 2014, and a quarter of those Canadians shopped online four to 10 times that year.

The rise of e-commerce is not without consequences, however. The Institute for Local Self-Reliance published a report in November that revealed the stronghold that online shopping giant Amazon has on this corner of the market and the overall economy. Half of all online shopping searches begin with Amazon, and nearly one of every two dollars spent in the United States goes to them. Amazon is even on track to out-perform Walmart this year.

It’s important to know that you can still enjoy the convenience of shopping online while keeping your dollars in Calgary. Here are some examples of REAP businesses that have e-commerce capabilities.


  1. Alberta Apparel- Clothing and accessories designed in Alberta and made in Canada from sustainable textiles.
  2. Alora Boutique- Symbolic jewelry made with recycled brass, glass beads, and precious stones, each piece carrying a deeper meaning behind the design.
  3. ReWorks Upcycle Shop- Accessories and décor that has been recycled from almost every material from seatbelts to spoons.
  4. WorldTown Cosmetics- Makeup and tools that are all cruelty-free, ethical brands chosen for their vibrant colours.

Home and Garden:

  1. Claudia’s Choices- Eco-friendly laundry, cleaning, and baby supplies.
  2. Goldgrass Home- Sustainable, local, and environmentally-friendly housewares from furniture to décor.
  3. Greengate Garden Centre- Garden retailer specializing in Alberta-native plant life. Only gift cards are available for purchase online.
  4. Hop Compost- Organic, locally-produced compost made from the scraps of Calgary’s finest sustainable restaurants and grocers.
  5. Nomad Mobile Gear Rentals- Give the gift of adventure with a gift card for this outdoor gear rental service, offering fat-tire bikes, skis, snowboards and snowshoes.


  1. Community Natural Foods- Calgary’s hub for organic food and sustainable lifestyle products, the online store has a wide variety of healthy choices at hand.
  2. Fulfilled- A local delivery service that brings organic, sustainable produce to your door. Subscriptions are available for recurring deliveries. Get 10% off when you enter “REAP” in the Who referred you? field.

Food and Drink:

  1. Eau Claire Distillery- A farm-to-glass distillery, meaning that the hard liquors they produce are made with home-grown ingredients.
  2. Fiasco Gelato- Handmade, small batch gelato made with unique ingredients. Other products like drinking chocolate, mugs, and handmade marshmallows are also available online.
  3. Highwood Crossing- A family-run grain farm that turns out organic granola, hot cereals, flour, and oil. Gluten-free options are also available.
  4. Mitchell Bros Beef- This family-owned cattle ranch in Porcupine Hills specializes in grass-fed beef, raised the way cattle would naturally eat.
  5. River Café- Gift cards are available online for sustainable fine dining in Prince’s Island Park.
  6. Top Grass Beef- Grass-fed, free-range beef from the Handhills region.
  7. Top of the Mountain Meats- This ranch offers cuts of grass-fed beef and free-range, certified organic chicken.
  8. Village Brewery- A local brewery rooted in the community, Village Brewery also carries branded material from patches and bottle openers to hats and shirts.
  9. Wild & Raw Superfood + Juice Bar- Specializing in healthy juices, smoothies and food, Wild & Raw Superfood + Juice Bar sells juice cleanse kits, both broth, and packages of reishi mushrooms for tea and smoothies.

Personal Care:

  1. Ellie Bianca- Made with organic shea butter and oil, Ellie Bianca makes body oil and lip balms.
  2. Leela Eco Spa- The spa partners with several lines of local and organic body products, and they’re all available online.
  3. Lowen’s Skincare- Hyper-local and hypo-allergenic, Lowen’s Skincare makes a vast array of skin products from diaper balm to tattoo ointment.
  4. Neal’s Yard Remedies- Bath, body and beauty products made with natural ingredients, all of which are sourced ethically, and as locally as possible.
  5. Rocky Mountain Soap Company- Produced in Canmore, this brand of skincare products uses only ingredients that are good for your body and the earth. No preservatives or synthetics allowed.
  6. SwizzleSticks Salonspa- A longtime supporter of natural health and beauty products and services, SwizzleSticks SalonSpa has gift cards available for purchase online.


  1. To see more local shopping options, check out our directory.
  2. Read this CBC News report to learn more about the impact of e-commerce in Canada.
  3. Read the report from The Institute for Local Self-Reliance, How Amazon’s Tightening Grip on the Economy Is Stifling Competition, Eroding Jobs, and Threatening Communities.