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Social enterprise cleaners give Hope to women through work

Hope Cleaning uplifts and empowers women in need

July 17, 2019 by Centaine Hlushak on Hope Cleaning

Seven years ago, Rachel Ward left academia to help start up a social enterprise cleaning company employing women in need -- Hope Cleaning.

She and her husband Jesse have since taken over the business, employing women in various stages of transition -- from homelessness, abuse survivors, and refugees -- to clean residential and commercial properties.

“I wanted to help these women get back on their feet,” Rachel says, “we chose to focus on cleaning services to lower some of the barriers they faced in the traditional job market, something they can do on a flexible schedule until they can move on to bigger things.”

Rachel considers her 17 staff members to be part of her family, always making sure they feel safe and supported both on and off the clock. Hope Cleaning uses the cleanest and greenest products possible to ensure the safety of its staff and the environment.

The years have seen many of these family members come and go. Rachel beams with pride recalling one in particular, who’d come to Hope Cleaning after leaving a toxic relationship, all alone while her family remained in another country.

“Through her time with us, she became empowered to learn new skills, confidence, and also gain new friendships while going back to school. Now she’s working on her own, she’s off of social assistance, and she’s thriving.”

“That’s what makes everything worth it.”


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