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Social Shift documentary explores businesses doing good in Canada

Bringing innovative documentary to Calgary

Four filmmakers, one RV, 14 cities, and over 50 socially-minded entrepreneurs adds up to the new documentary The Social Shift.

The film will make its Calgary debut on January 29th in a special screening in partnership with REAP, Thrive, the Trico Changemaker Studio, and the Institute for Community Prosperity at Mount Royal University.

“This traditional capitalistic version of business isn’t the only way,” said Joseph Huyer, one of the four young people behind the documentary on a CTV News Atlantic interview. “With social enterprise and social purpose businesses, people can do good while making money.”

The documentary follows Joseph and his business partners Kevin Courtney, Meaghan Wright and Marie Wright as they drive across Canada over six weeks to meet a myriad of social entrepreneurs, such as REAP alum CMNGD Linens – a social enterprise using commercial laundry services to help refugees and those transitioning out of homelessness in Calgary.

CMNGD Co-founder Dave Cree will also be speaking on a panel following the presentation of the film, alongside Fiasco Gelato Partner Relations Lead Mike McGregor, Thrive Community Economic Development Coordinator Phillip Lozano, and Trico Changemakers Studio's interim Director Lena Soots. Catherine Pearl, who teaches social innovation at the Bisset School of Business, will moderate.

“It’s so important to see more examples of what doing business differently can look like,” says Phil. “I’m excited to have this movie showcase how businesses can do good through community and environmental impact.”

The idea to bring the film to a Calgary audience was spearheaded by Barb Davies, Learning and Leadership Coordinator at Thrive. “I saw the film at EconoUs 2018 in Moncton, and I knew we had to show it here,” she says.


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