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Spring is Self Care Season!

Time to make yourself a priority

Self-care means something different for everyone; for some, self-care could be having a long bubble bath, while for others, it means a fun baking night. Either way, incorporating self-care into your routine does great things for your overall well-being. Investing in yourself can help to effectively combat the daily stressors that arise in your life. Unwinding and slowing down makes you more productive in the future, resulting in a win-win situation! 

This month, we are taking some time to round up some highly coveted items for your next self-care night, along with highlighting some of the amazing things that our Be Local members are doing. Time to nourish the mind and the soul. 


Ambrosia’s Treasures brings bath and body products to our product roster, giving you peace of mind that what you’re putting on your skin is safe to use and good for your body. From aromatic soaps to effervescent bath bombs, you can find anything to suit your ideal self-care night. Two great options are the ‘Self Care Collection’ or the ‘For Her Collection,’ both of which can be found in our Be Local shop! With the community’s support, the company is able to contribute to global causes like Sea Turtle Conservation, Avery’s Legacy and Sagesse Calgary.


Feel good from the inside out with Nature’s CoCo Cups, which can be found here. All of Nature’s CoCo Cups’ products are 100 per cent natural, dairy-free, fibre-rich, iron-rich, gluten-free, vegan and Canadian-supplied. What could be better?! Choose from their delicious hot chocolates like Minty Greens, Blue Butterfly, Hazelnuts & Nibs or CoConut Cream. Sip on them in the bathtub with some bubbles or on the couch with a good flick!   


Raw Eatery is a YYC classic in the realm of health food. The owners of Raw Eatery, Megan and Ali, believe strongly in community and collaboration, which is why they fit so well in our Be Local member community! Nutritious and satisfying, this company’s food products are an amazing option for your next self-care day. Pad thai for dinner? Yes please. Black bean brownies and apricot cookies for dessert? Yes and yes! Check out more of Raw Eatery’s offerings on the Be Local website. 



Love a good candle and need one to warm up your home? The Sugar Cookie, Lavender and Coffee scents sound insanely decadent for a night in that’s full of your favourite things. Searching YYC Boxy on the Be Local website will direct you to all of the brand’s incredible products including candles, bath soaks, body oils and more.


Goldie Craft Chocolate will be the topping on the cake that is your self-care night! Ethical sourcing is at the heart of this brand, with products coming primarily from Guatemala and Uganda. Goldie Craft’s process supplies farmers with consistent cash flow instead of a large payout once or twice a year. For your special night, make sure that you try the Gold Bar, Milky Milk + Nibs, Toasted Coconut Milk or Oat Milk + Espresso flavours - they’re all so amazing that you won’t be able to just have one! Visit the Be Local shop to see more of the Goldie Craft bars.  

With the businesses in this list, you can create a self-care night that you can feel good about, allowing you to feel rejuvenated and inspired. Take part in the important work that these Be Local members are doing within the city and the country by purchasing their special hand-made goods. Let us know which ones are your favourite, and don’t be afraid stock up for those future self-care nights!