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The Bridge offers passionate workspace to creative entrepreneurs

New coworking space a haven for parents and creatives alike

September 14, 2017 by Centaine Tyler on The Bridge

The Bridge has only one driving force. Passion to help other entrepreneurs.

Whether they are parents or baby boomers or just in need of someone to listen and point them in the right direction, founders Lina and Jess Huffman want to make sure it is found at their space.

Two years ago, Lina Huffman was trying to juggle running a business while mothering her newborn daughter and an idea struck her.

“Why don’t we open a coworking space? We can’t be the only people struggling with all of this.”

The Bridge opened its doors in 2017, providing a welcoming environment for all kinds of entrepreneurs.

“We opened it to scratch our own itch while supporting fellow entrepreneurs and parents, because Jess and I know firsthand what it’s like,” Lina says.

“We wanted it to be a one-stop shop where everything is integrated. We have classes that cover every aspect of running a business from accounting to marketing to personal image and how you present yourself to the world through your clothing choices.”

For fellow parents, The Bridge has a unique partnership with a day care provider and have subsidized childcare included in the membership. “Vetting a child care provider is one less thing you need to do. Our daughter never wants to go home when she’s at Chapter1.”

The Huffmans don’t bend to the “Industrial Revolution mentality” that kids have no business being in an office, opting for work-life integration over work-life balance. “It’s bizarre,” says Jess. “Some people look at children like they’re three-eyed lepers when they’re in the workplace. We promise that nobody will look at you like that here.”

“We tend to skew towards really creative, innovative people,” says Jess, who also operates his business coaching service, Firebringers, out of the space. Other members of The Bridge include TEDxCalgary, Field Group fashion collective, and Easy Co court reporting.

The Bridge has partnered up with Media Lab YYC to bring you a fully-functional creator studio, including a podcasting booth and YouTube stage. Soft launch will be Sept 23rd.

Being a lover of the arts and artists themselves, they will be opening up their space to emerging artists giving them the opportunity to use the walls in the office as their showroom and to have somewhere where they can bring prospective buyers.

Art will be exhibited on a three-month rotation starting Sept 22nd and partnerships with different art groups in the city such as PUGS and AdArtis have been formed for each quarter.


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