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Third-Party Party to be a “certifiably” good time

Leveraging third-party marks at Appetite for Sustainability

October 4, 2018 by Centaine Hlushak on Righteous Gelato

When it comes to validating a company’s values, a third-party mark can be a great resource.

However, it’s not always clear how one can best leverage the value of such marks compared to the time and money it takes to achieve the status. This is why REAP is proud to present the Third-Party Party, as part of our Appetite for Sustainability event series.

The event, which will take place the afternoon of October 11 at cSpace King Edward, brings together four speakers to discuss four different third-party marks and certifications – B-Corp, Bullfrog Power, Fair Trade, and REAP specifically -- in addition to tips and tricks to make the most out of the marks yourself.

James Boettcher is the CEO of Fiasco Gelato, a B-Corp certified company since 2015 and the first ice cream shop in Canada to do so. “Fiasco has always operated like a B-Corp, long before it was ever certified,” he says. James will be speaking at the event on his experience with B-Corp.

“This helps uncover some of the ‘why’ for going through the arduous process of certification. By becoming certified, it was our way of sharing our practices with the community and encouraging other businesses to adopt similar standards.”

“It was in our DNA already, so measuring what matters made it an easy decision.” James adds that the value of B-Corp was not for a return on investment, but to promote integrity and how to “build something that matters.”

Following the presentations, guests will break out into groups to dive into a few examples of what’s worked in their businesses and where there’s room for improvement. This event is curated for any organization with one, a couple, or all of these marks. REAP asks that all attendees come prepared with one example of how they’re showcasing one of the four marks mentioned so that we can learn together how to best tell our stories.

Anthony Santilli is the VP of Sales & Marketing at Bullfrog Power, Canada's leading green energy provider and longtime partner of REAP. He will be speaking on behalf of Bullfrog at the event.

“Consumers, especially the younger generations, are starting to question companies on how they’re impacting the environment. It’s important for businesses that are involved in sustainability initiatives to be able to tell their stories, and to do so authentically.”

“That’s where third-party certifications come in.”


  1. Click here to get your tickets for the Third-Party Party on October 11, 2-5 p.m. at cSpace. Drinks and snacks to be provided.
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  4. For more information about Bullfrog Power, click here. Or use code “REAP” at signup to get a discount on 100% clean energy.