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Tour the world with good intentions at Adventure with Purpose

Travel group dedicates itself to education

October 19, 2017 by Centaine Hlushak on Adventure with Purpose

Adventure with Purpose is a volunteer tourism company founded by Tatiana Teevens, to provide travellers with an immersive cultural experience with education as the top priority.

“I wanted to find local experts in the places we wanted to visit and educate travellers on ethical tourism while supporting the economy of the places we’re visiting,” she says. Adventure with Purpose launched in July 2017 with tours to Mexico in partnership with a locally-owned tour group. Tatiana flew down to thoroughly vet the group to ensure their ethical integrity.

“You could tell by the way they worked and their passion for the job and the impact they’re making that they really are running an amazing company. It was really exciting.”

Tours at Adventure with Purpose are split into two categories: conservation and cultural. On conservational tours, Adventure with Purpose teams up with local conservation groups like EcoColors to learn about protected wildlife, such as whale sharks and coral reefs in Mexico, and polar bears in Manitoba.

Snorkelling with whale sharks in Mexico was a surreal experience for Tatiana and is one of her favourite tour memories. “Once you’re in the water with these creatures, it’s so incredible. It really put into perspective why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

Cultural tours, including trips to Mexico City and Yucatan, connect travellers to the local culture where they volunteer alongside the villagers, giving sewing lessons to local women or cleaning up the beaches.

“We don’t just go into a place and say, ‘this is how we’re going to help you,’ because how would we know what they need? We have our local guides speak to the small villages that we visit to get their recommendations.”

“We’re not here to fix them,” Tatiana says. “We’re here to learn and experience the culture.”

As the new year approaches, Adventure with Purpose is mapping out cultural tours in Cambodia and Nepal.

“It’s a gift to experience their culture.”


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