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True Buch truly cares for community, environmental impact

A tour of True Buch's zero-waste kombucha brewery

True Buch – Canada’s first on-tap kombucha company humbly began in a shared commercial kitchen in Cochrane in 2014. Today, the company finds its home in a 3,500 ft2 brewery in Northeast Calgary, churning out hundreds and thousands of litres of kombucha every year.

But they’ve never forgotten their roots.

“All of our strategic decisions come down to three things,” says Samantha Beck, Marketing Lead. “Is it sustainable, is it good for the community, and is it delicious?”

True Buch remains steadfastly committed to the community and environment. The kombucha is made with tea sourced locally from Naked Leaf and the Light Cellar, and fruits and vegetables from local farms – a majority of which are organic.

True Buch’s manufacturing process is completely zero-waste, accomplished by composting its ingredients and plastic cups, using discontinued soda kegs from the ‘90s, and reusing and recycling their glass bottles. In 2018 alone, the draught program saved nearly 200,000 bottles from the landfill.

The brewery is packed wall-to-wall with drums containing their SCOBYs (live yeast, a key ingredient in kombucha) that are each named after dead musicians from Amy Winehouse to Otis Redding.

“It’s just a fun thing we do to keep track of them,” Samantha says. “We like to hug our SCOBYs.” Samantha is also responsible for the six-inch-wide googly eyes that adorn the three large storage tanks in the brewery, an addition she’s quite proud of as it gives the tanks a real personality.

As True Buch nears its fifth birthday, Samantha reflects on the “’why’ behind the work.”

“We all know that if we’re doing our job right, in theory, we’re able to make and sell more kombucha. If we sell more, we get to donate more and save more waste from the landfill.”

“We get to come to work with purpose every day.”


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