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Universal Access to create a Barrier-Free world

Making accessible certifications more accessible

November 7, 2018 by Centaine Tyler on Universal Access

Universal Access is teaming up with the Marketing Society at Mount Royal University to launch its Barrier-Free program.

CEO Sean Crump is a wheelchair user and created Universal Access – an accessibility firm that assesses accessibility of public businesses – to help fellow patrons with disabilities lead full, integrated lives in society.

“We’re looking to create a community around businesses – primarily service-based businesses – that have insured that their space is accessible, even if it isn’t perfect, and allowing people to come in and experience their space,” Sean says.

Barrier-Free is a “minimum building standard” based on the Alberta Building Code. As Sean explains, it’s more the bare necessities of accessibility (eg: a side door with a ramp) than universal design principles which take a much deeper look at accessible needs (eg: a barrier-free entrance that everyone could utilize regardless of ability).

“Our goal is to hopefully leverage this to create awareness around accessibility and encourage businesses to explore further accessibility certifications with Universal Access to promote true universal design.”

The initiative first came to mind when summer marketing intern Chad Pfeifer suggested it as a student project with the Marketing Society out of Mount Royal University, where Sean works out of the Trico Changemaker Studio – a unique coworking space for organizations that work in systems change.

“It was a great fit,” Sean says.

 As the program is readied for launch, Universal Access is looking forward to making their services more accessible for businesses across Calgary and beyond and opening more doors for the disabled community.


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