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Upcycling Summer 2020 with a Local Party Box

How Calgarians can celebrate community amidst a pandemic.

This summer looked a little (okay, a lot) different than summers past in Calgary. With no stampede, and many beloved concerts and festivals cancelled, some Calgarians have felt like they have missed the summer season all together. 

Enter Solita Work. Solita owns ReWorks Upcycle Shop - a boutique store carrying one-of-a-kind items for a greener lifestyle, and she was determined to change the 2020 experience. “I think we were all a little sad that so much was cancelled due to the pandemic,” she says. “I wanted to keep the music playing and help people celebrate summer, reconnect with their community in a safe way, and get some money back in the hands of all our local talent.” 

With this inspiration the Summer Party Box was born. The Summer Party Box includes all the food, drink, and fun anyone could ever need to throw the perfect backyard soiree. The grand event? A private live musical performance by Matt Blais, a loved local musician. 

The Summer Party Box not only allows friends, families, and neighbours to reconnect, but is embedded in community every step of the way. “The more we sell, the more our community benefits.” Solita says, and she has collaborated with Be Local and Calgary Dollars to ensure just that. “The goal is to include as many local community-focused businesses as possible. This way we keep money circulating in the local economy and help build resilience in our city. ReWorks does not operate as an island. We all need one another to thrive – especially now.” 

With collaboration and reciprocity at the heart of Be Local, it was no wonder so many amazing members stepped up to participate. The Summer Party Box includes goodies from seven different members of the Be Local network, ranging from refreshing libations from Dandy Ale and Sunny Cider, to delicious snacks from CoRise and The Allium, all the way through to the details, like napkins and napkin rings from Her Leather Co. The Box also rewards purchasers the opportunity to earn Calgary Dollars rewards, so they can continue to support great local businesses. 

Summer Party Boxes are available right through until September 21st and can be purchased here. Timelines too crunched? Not to worry. These boxes are just the first of a series of Calgary Neighbourhood Boxes to be launched over the next year - each with their own unique theme, but all with the common goal of uniting and celebrating Calgary.