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Vital Partners builds benefits for small business

Vital Partners helps Calgary businesses and consultants fulfil their insurance needs

October 1, 2015 by Lana Selbee on Vital Partners

Vital Partners Inc. is a Calgary-based firm that helps businesses, business owners and independent consultants fulfil their insurance needs.

The moment you step into Vital Partners’ office, you instantly feel at ease. It’s a beautiful space-shared office downtown, close to the C-Train for easy accessibility and reduced commuting. Vital Partners was founded by Andrea Shandro and Jennifer Kirby, who are both committed to finding the absolute best insurance plans for their clients.

Vital Partners build meaningful relationships with small businesses and entrepreneurs through listening and collaboration. They source, implement, help manage, and communicate businesses’ benefits plans, so every detail is clear and easy to understand. This ensures businesses and their employees get the most out of their plans.

Andrea and Jennifer are passionate about the work they do as they see the difference it can make for small, local businesses in Calgary. Smaller businesses often feel like they can’t afford to spend the time and money to provide their employees with financial security in the form of benefits. The truth, however, is that they can’t afford not to. When a business isn’t able to offer great benefits packages to current and potential employees, it often means that high quality talent will go elsewhere.

Providing benefits are also of paramount value to the individuals receiving protection against a loss of income resulting from an illness or accident. Components of a benefits plan such as long-term disability, critical illness insurance, or life insurance can mean the difference between an employee losing the ability to support their family while sick or injured, and being able to recover and return to work.

Vital partners’ is able to offer flexible benefits for businesses with as little as five employees. No matter the size of your business, or even if you’re self-employed, Vital Partners wants to be on your team.

When small business thrives, all of Calgary benefits.


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