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Waxing poetic with YYC Beeswax

Beeswax products promoting arts and sustainability

July 4, 2018 by Centaine Hlushak on YYC Beeswax

Despite living in Calgary for her adult life, Lisa Graham has always been in touch with her small-town Alberta roots.

Her business – YYC Beeswax – has been her creative outlet for the past three years, raising bees and harvesting their honey and wax to make candles, beauty, and home products.

It started on a whim when Lisa learned how to make candles from rolled wax sheets from a workshop at University of Calgary’s Women’s Resource Centre, a tradition since the late 80’s in remembrance of the Ecole Polytechnique shooting. The fascination with wax products only snowballed from there.

“I grew up in a very practical household, having been on a farm,” she says. “I try to make all my products as practical as they are beautiful.”

When formulating new products, Lisa looks at how her bees can help her solve a given problem. For example, Lisa created solid lotion bars to combat liquid restrictions in air travel, and beeswax food wraps to replace plastic wrap. She also sells various kits to teach people how to make their own candles.

 Besides bees, Lisa’s other passion is music. She’s played the flute since she was in junior high – when her tiny country school got its first “real band teacher.” Lisa’s gone on to teach music in Calgary schools and private lessons since and facilitates fundraisers for school band programs through YYC Beeswax, providing lip balms for students to sell.

“I know firsthand that music programs in schools don’t always get the funding they need, and I wanted to be able to support the arts myself.”

Lisa hopes to expand and evolve YYC Beeswax out of her home office and into a showroom – where she hopes to create a space for schools and families to learn about bees.

“The bees have taught me so much,” she says. “How to be patient, to listen. And I haven’t been stung yet today.”


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