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We're Wheelie Excited for Biking Season!

It's finally here...

Spring is finally here and we all know what spring brings - the end of winter and the beginning of nice weather (cue a huge sigh of relief). With these +15 degree days, it means that we can finally pull out our bikes and get riding! At Be Local, we love to see members of our community cutting emissions and cruising around on their bikes. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What do I do if I don’t own a bike?” No problem, we have you covered. We have a couple of members, Rath Bicycle and Two Wheel View, who can take care of all of your bike needs from simple repairs to setting up a sweet vintage ride. If you happen to need some fun biking clothing merch, check out this Two Wheel View swag on our online store!

Rath Bicycle is a family-owned Calgary-based business that has been a part of the community since 2013. Their journey originally started out as a referral basement shop, but is now seen as one of the most successful vintage bike restoration shops in Calgary. Isn’t that incredible? We love seeing community members make BIG moves in YYC, literally! At Rath Bicycle, team members have a passion for restoring old unwanted bikes and reducing our carbon footprint to shape a more positive future. Their favourite part of running this shop is interacting with outstanding customers and forging new community relationships. 

Rath Bicycle offers bicycle repairs that range from tune-ups to restorations. The shop’s repair servers vary, but bike builds start at just $70. To give you a rough estimate of the pricing for Rath’s bikes, vintage bicycles start at $450 and modern city bicycles start at $480. Don’t get discouraged if you live outside of Calgary, Rath Bicycle offers both shipping and delivery to near and far locations. 

If we haven't already sold you on these stellar bicycles, be sure to check out their website, Facebook and Instagram for more information. We promise you’ll love your experience with Rath Bicycle; pop on that helmet, lather on some sunscreen and let’s get biking to enjoy this nice weather!

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