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Work Nicer introduces second location

Coworking family continues to grow

April 11, 2018 by Centaine Tyler on Work Nicer

The coworking space Work Nicer has been operating on Stephen Ave for the past three years. Due to popular demand, founder Alex Putici and his team have opened a second location a few blocks away.

The second location was dubbed ‘Work Nicer Roxbury,’ named for the 118-year-old building in which it resides.

“We wanted to serve a wider swath of people while still being downtown,” says Alex. “I think some people still tend to avoid downtown on principles of convenience, and we want to encourage people from the community to come out.”

Work Nicer Roxbury opened its doors officially on March 15.

Parking is one of the things that set Work Nicer Roxbury apart from its predecessor. Where Stephen Avenue didn’t have parking, the new location has access to two public parking lots nearby. Members can also partake in a $150 monthly pass to park in either lot.

“I think it’s cool that we’re so central in such a sprawling city,” says Alex. “We’re going to bring however many dozens of new people to the area, who will in turn bring their clients and their friends and stimulate the businesses.”

“It’s cool to have that kind of impact, which is harder to do once you leave the inner-city.”

With the new space, Alex is excited for more opportunities to host events, facilitate connections, and bring people together. “It was important to us for Work Nicer to remain one community,” he says.

The Work Nicer team is already in talks to launch a third location, creating more stories of human potential across Alberta.


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