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Yoga Care breaks barriers to wellness

Mobile yoga studio brings wellness to the people

February 5, 2020 by Centaine Hlushak on Yoga Care

Research has shown that yoga practice can help people of all ages improve depression, sleep disorders, and ADHD (Frontiers in Psychiatry, 2013). Yoga Care is a mobile yoga studio taking the practice, and its benefits, where it is needed most: in schools, workplaces, and senior homes.

Christina Skiftun had owned several brick-and-mortar yoga studios before deciding to open Yoga Care in late 2019. “I wanted to break down barriers for people to attend yoga classes and make it more accessible,” she explains.

Christina cites a 2018 study of workplace empathy which stated that 60% of the 1000 employees surveyed “would take 10% pay cut to work for an organization that offered programs for mental and physical well being.” 

Yoga Care pays its clients a visit at least once a week to teach a variety of yoga classes, specializing in gentler modalities and meditation. Most of the yoga poses can be done while seated in an office chair to further eliminate barriers of inconvenience.

“Cardiac yoga practices are great, but there are already lots of access for workout activities, and less of a focus on mental health, relaxation and stress reduction -- which is what I want for our clients.” 

Christina is excited to grow her community and spread her message of wellness, eliminating burnout and helping people all over the city feel happier -- one yoga pose at a time.


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