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Living Locally

Hotel Blackfoot is everyone’s hotel

June 22, 2017

A part of Calgary for more than 40 years, Hotel Blackfoot is “constantly trying to improve,” says sales manager Jennifer Johnston.

The hotel has gone through extensive renovations and rebranding in the past five years. It was originally called The Blackfoot Inn. “We wanted a better representation of what we are,” she says. “The hotel has grown beyond what it was when it was called an ‘Inn’.”

Hotel Blackfoot has also been working to improve its impact on the environment. “Our planet isn’t getting any healthier without action,” says Jennifer. The hotel is powered with green energy from Bullfrog Power, it holds a Green Key certification – a global program that measures hospitality environmental practices such as energy and water conservation, waste management, and community outreach – and is also involved with Ecostay, another hospitality program that plants trees for every guest at participating hotels.

“It’s not about us, it’s about everyone that’s going to be here after we’re gone. We need to do as much as we can to create a positive impact on the environment.”

While evolving, Hotel Blackfoot has been mindful of creating a welcoming community for its guests. “We want to appeal to all types of travellers,” says Jennifer. “We want you to feel welcome, because you are welcome. If you bring your dog, I want to know its name and have something in the guestroom to make ‘Rover’ feel welcome.”

The people are Jennifer’s favourite part of the job. “I live for connecting with people, solving people’s problems and helping create exceptional memories.”


Click here to book a room at Hotel Blackfoot.
Hotel Blackfoot is also home to The Laugh Shop, one of the biggest comedy clubs in Canada, and lots of places to eat.
Learn more about Green Key, Bullfrog Power, and Ecostay here.
Host an event at Hotel Blackfoot.
Connect with Hotel Blackfoot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Check out Hotel Blackfoot’s Sustainability Profile.

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