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Living Locally

A new spin on charitable gift-giving

November 25, 2015

Charitable gifts, such as goats and chickens through Oxfam, have always been a popular choice over the holidays, and this year Dexterity Ventures and Place2Give are adding its own product to that category: The Card That Gives.

It’s a “give card,” rather than a gift card, as Gena Rotstein, CEO of Dexterity Ventures says. The Card That Gives comes in either physical (plastic or biodegradable cardboard) or digital form, and in $25 increments up to $100. Once activated, the recipient of the card can donate the money online to any of the 90,000 Canadian charities registered with Dexterity Ventures.

However, there is a time limit on these “give cards.” After one year, the value of the card will be given to the charity that is most in need, as determined by the Place2Give Grant Committee, or given to a charity chosen by the original purchaser.

The cards have been favoured by many local offices so far as client or employee Christmas gifts. Gena says that she’s even arranged for anyone who buys in bulk to have their own custom web page made, so that they can see the impact their people are making.

“People are looking for [a Christmas gift] that’s more meaningful. In the current models that are out there, the purchaser chooses the charity.”

Besides being available online, The Card That Gives will also be sold in retail locations around the city. Gena is particularly excited to announce that Dexterity Ventures will have a booth in the Sunridge Mall food court this holiday season, December 18-26. She is currently looking for local businesses that want to sell the cards as well.

Gena is hoping to create a social media campaign to promote The Card That Gives. “If you buy a card for your friend, we want you to film the conversation ‘if you could donate $25 to any charity in Canada, where would you donate to?’ Their expression, and how they cash it in.”

“The whole idea is to create a physical memory with giving,” she says.


To order your own Card That Gives, click here for small orders, or here for bulk.
Want to sell The Card That Gives in your business? Contact Gena at
For more information, such as FAQs, visit The Card that Gives online.
To participate in The Card That Gives social media campaign, upload your videos to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tag Dexerity Ventures Inc., and include the hashtag #thecardthatgives.
For other gifts that give back check out the Be Local Lip Balm.

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BoostR Stage: Pitch Event for Alberta's Changemakers

Dec. 2, 2015 - Dec. 2, 2015

Theatre Junction GRAND
608 - 1 Street SW

Watch Alberta’s social entrepreneurs pitch on the BoostR Stage. Your ticket gets you food, a drink and $20 to boost a business you hear from that night! What’s a social entrepreneur? A social entrepreneur is someone who’s changing lives and/or bettering the environment through the core operations of their business. Through day-to-day business operations, they inevitably create positive social impact locally or globally – the social and financial outcomes of their organization are tied together. What’s BoostR Stage? BoostR Stage is Alberta BoostR’s live pitch event. Imagine entrepreneurs pitching on a stage to a room full of over 300 Calgarians. The fun part is that YOU are one of those people and YOU get to decide who gets the funding. As an attendee, you’ll receive a $20 voucher to boost a business… THAT NIGHT! Excited? We are too. Which is why we invite you – the influencer, innovator, community builder, entrepreneur, philanthropist – to join us for the first-ever BoostR Stage event dedicated to celebrating Alberta’s social entrepreneurs. Come to network and support your fellow Albertans who are working hard to launch and/or grow their business, shape our local community and make a positive impact for people and the planet. The evening will include: - 6 pitches from social entrepreneurs running an Alberta BoostR crowdfunding campaign - 4 judges who will give candid feedback to the entrepreneurs pitching - A crowd of over 300 people from the local community, all of whom have a $20 voucher to boost a business – that night! - A libation on us - Networking with some of the biggest and brightest in Alberta - Appetizers – don’t worry, we have your stomach growls covered Rewards based Crowdfunding: the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people (“crowd”) in exchange for a reward that can come in the form of a product, service or fun/unique experience. About Alberta BoostR Alberta BoostR ( is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform from ATB Financial for Alberta entrepreneurs and changemakers. In addition to providing an online channel to raise funds, get marketing/exposure, insights/feedback and build a crowd, Alberta BoostR provides crowdfunding coaching, promotes businesses through ATB channels and holds live pitch events. If you're an Alberta-based entrepreneur or small business owner interested in crowdfunding through the BoostR community, find us at How are the entrepreneurs who pitch on the BoostR Stage selected? Entrepreneurs who pitch on the BoostR Stage are selected based on the performance of their Alberta BoostR crowdfunding campaigns. How does the $20 boost work? Upon arriving, every attendee of the BoostR Stage live pitch competition will receive a $20 promo code that they can use that night to fund a business that has an active Alberta BoostR crowdfunding campaign. Boosting a business is simple – you create a BoostR log-in (name and email address) and then you select the business you want to boost with the $20 (you can boost more than $20 if you like, in which case you would cover the funds above $20 with your credit card). There will be a team of volunteers circulating the room with iPads to help you boost but you can also do it from your phone. If the business you’ve boosted is successful in meeting its crowdfunding goal, the funds you boosted will be received by the entrepreneur. Most $20 boosts will also come with a reward for you that you’ll receive if the campaign is successful (bonus!)
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