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Living Locally

Vibrant Communities Calgary does business differently

August 18, 2016

“Enough for All” is Calgary’s community-driven poverty reduction strategy. VCC is guiding its implementation. This year, the organization has launched its “Doing Business Differently” initiative.

Director Franco Savoia explains that many business owners and managers see sustainability as a stark choice. “Either I look after these people and the environment, and I go broke. Or I focus on my bottom line. The notion of Doing Business Differently is to remove that dichotomy.”

VCC plans to implement the initiative on a business-to-business basis. Calgary companies will be encouraged to join REAP, to strive for B Corp certification, and to participate in a forum of business owners with similar ambitions to succeed sustainably and responsibly.

“It’s like a group of champions, who’d say that this is the way we go forward,” says Franco.

In a related initiative, this year VCC is partnering with Ambrose University’s Figtree Foundation to host the annual “Soul of the Next Economy” forum. The event brings together leaders in non-profit, government, business, and educational sectors to discuss the direction that the new economy is headed.

“There’s increasingly more evidence that if you look at your business model in a way that does these things, you will in fact get better returns on your investment. So everybody wins,” says Franco.

VCC hopes that with Doing Business Differently, Calgary will have the highest employment quality in Canada, and that 95% of Calgarians will earn a living wage.


Read through the Enough for All Strategy here on PDF.
To understand what it’s like to live below the poverty line, Franco recommends participating in United Way’s Poverty Simulation.
Intentionally do business with business that are striving to do business differently, like those in our business directory.
Register for the Soul of the Next Economy Forum from Sept 30-Oct 1 at Ambrose University.
Connect with Vibrant Communities Calgary on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Vote for Vibrant Communities Calgary as your favourite local non-profit in REAP’s 2016 Be Local Awards!

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Did you know?

Most net new job creation comes from businesses with 20 employees or less.