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Living Locally

Work Nicer rewards taking alternative transportation

June 20, 2017

Calgary is a driving city, but downtown-based coworking space Work Nicer is “driving” its members to consider other modes of transportation – for a prize.

“Every day 40-50,000 people drive into the downtown core to work, putting up with annoyances. I don’t know whether it’s because they don’t think there are other options, or if they’re addicted to the perceived convenience,” says Work Nicer founder Alex Putici.

“We’re trying to show our members that these alternative modes of transportation are not as inconvenient as they may seem, but also create a positive impact on the environment by taking vehicles off the road while supporting other local businesses.”

Work Nicer is partnering with Gifty, a local start-up company that allows users to text or email gifts to each other. To start, Alex is rewarding members who bike, walk, or take transit or car2go to work with certificates to Café Rosso every month, with plans to add more businesses to the prize options like t-shirts from Local Laundry.

“That way, they don’t just go across the street to Starbucks, they’ll be willing to go down to the other end of Stephen Avenue to Café Rosso.” Work Nicer has also recently introduced three new bikes for its members to use, so they can bike down to the café if they wanted.

Alex deliberately chose this platform over a raffle format, as it’s a guaranteed win that encourages people to participate more often.

“The biggest thing is hopefully having people think differently about getting around, creating that mental shift.”

Alex says they hope to apply this model to other aspects of the business, like sending Gifty texts to visitors when they sign in, or including it in membership packages.

“We’re embracing the fact that business and life continues outside of our walls, and we just want to support the local businesses that support us.”


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