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Living Locally

Earth Educators fosters “aha moments”

February 02, 2016

Earth Educators Inc. educates professionals and school children of all ages on topics from environmentalism and social enterprise to Social Return on Investment (SROI) and event impact measurement.

“Society is moving away from a traditional classroom style: listen to a teacher talk, study a textbook and get an exam at the end. The new style of education will be focused on learning by doing, experiencing and being able to learn from specialists,” Earth Educators’ founder Mark van Engelen explains.

“At Earth Educators, we involve specialists and is exercise focused to help provide that depth of experience you would not get from a textbook.”

Mark founded the company with his partner Seema Jindal after realizing the opportunities ahead and collaborating on several workshops in early 2015.

Mark is well aware of the “thirst for information” on these subjects, but he also knows that the amount of information out there, like 20+ hour webinars on social enterprise, can be overwhelming. Earth Educators breaks the learning down into manageable modules and plain language.

Earth Educators is currently working with a group of Calgary high school students, teaching them social enterprise by getting them to grow their own produce and sell it to restaurant distributors. Mark says they’ll be growing about 10 pounds per week to start with, and the students will be paid a living wage for their work.

Mark and Seema will launch a similar program on sustainable gardening in February in elementary school classrooms. They will be leasing aquaponics equipment to the school for eight to 12 weeks, and showing the kids how urban farming works. The urban farming workshop will apply to Alberta Education science curriculum as well as teaching health and life skills.

Getting to witness children and organization’s excitement and “aha moments” is Mark’s favourite part of his job.

“You know they’re going to be better off for it,” he says.

As business grows, Mark and Seema won’t be able to teach everything themselves, so Mark wants to bring in a team of field experts and experienced professionals to teach workshops. Mark also wants to expand Earth Educators’ online presence, making workshop content available to the world through webinars in 2016.


Check out the Earth Educators website for more information on its services.
Want to join a workshop? Click here to see the events calendar and watch for updates.
Visit Earth Educators Inc.’s Sustainability Profile.
Like Earth Educators on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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