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Living Locally

Escape to Mexico while building your business with Adventure with Purpose

April 18, 2018

Imagine spending a week on the coast of Mexico, doing yoga on the beach, immersing yourself in Mayan culture, and swimming with sea turtles. Now imagine you’re on this trip with a dozen other social entrepreneurs that share your values.

The Impact Entrepreneur Escape was created by Adventure with Purpose, a socially-conscious travel company with the mandate to help foster deeper connections between values-based business owners than what they would get out of one-day networking events.

“Corporate retreats have been growing in popularity, but I hadn’t seen any that specifically targeted social entrepreneurs or that had a social impact focus,” says Tatiana Teevens, founder of Adventure with Purpose. The Impact Entrepreneur Escape will take place November 5-11, 2018 using Tulum as the home base between the team-building excursions.

Tatiana’s company facilitates several trip packages to Mexico that focus on environmental conservation and culture. She chose Mexico as the destination for this retreat to combine those focuses, knowing that many social entrepreneurs in Calgary value the planet.

“As a social entrepreneur, I know that one of the greatest forms of marketing is presenting your business and its mission to others, so we will allow time at the start of the trip for each entrepreneur to give a 10-minute keynote on their business, so they can get to know and align with each other.”

Attendees will also get the chance to hear a presentation from Kenneth Johnson, founder of EcoColors, a sustainable tourism group established 20 years ago where tourists can safely swim with sea turtles and whale sharks without putting the animals at risk. He helped design the regulations around sustainable whale shark observation with the World Wildlife Foundation.

“I’m hoping that people will get out of his presentation how to keep their business going through the decades despite constant change in the industry, and how to develop partnerships with people around the world.”

As the pre-registration deadline approaches, Tatiana looks forward to having the opportunity to take her fellow social entrepreneurs out of their comfort zones on a next-level group networking experience.

She is grateful for the support and partnership of Lina and Jess Huffman of The Bridge Coworking space as they co-host the retreat.


To learn more about the tour from Tatiana herself, register for the Impact Entrepreneur Mixer – Growing Businesses from The Beach event on April 24.
Click here to view the full itinerary and book your spot on the Escape.
Not an entrepreneur but still want to travel sustainably? Click here to peruse Tatiana’s other tour packages.
Connect with Adventure with Purpose on Facebook and Instagram.
Check out Adventure with Purpose’s Sustainability Profile.

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