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Living Locally

Stephanie Jackman Consulting finds sustainable solutions for businesses and beyond

May 15, 2019

A culmination of her decades of work in brand strategy, community building, and the social business sector, Stephanie Jackman has launched her own consulting firm.

“I love to dig into people’s challenges and find win-win solutions,” Stephanie says. “My whole career – whether in marketing or local economy - has been about refusing to make trade-offs. I have always believed in the power of both/and.”

Stephanie Jackman Consulting is uniquely focussed on social impact and placemaking through a brand strategy and local economy lens. “We’re all rooted in our places,” Stephanie explains. “I think that foundation of human connection is universal. People are looking for more meaning in their lives and I think that comes through in our relationships and connections with people and the place we call home.”

“Being able to deepen those connections and those relationships in a way that benefits more people is important work, and it’s exciting work.”

Stephanie has teamed up with Stormy Lake Consulting for brand strategy projects, bringing more bench strength and research discipline to purpose-driven clients. She has been energized by the intersection of brand building and local economic development on clients like Travel Alberta, Alberta Public Laboratories, Tourism Calgary, and Calgary Arts Development.

“I am hopeful to see more social impact as we move towards brands that are driven by purpose and designed intentionally to create more engagement,” Stephanie says. “When all stakeholders are aligned around the brand purpose, we can build more interesting, inclusive, and diverse economies.”

In addition to brand strategy and stakeholder engagement, Stephanie Jackman Consulting focuses on social procurement – the movement of government and institutions toward using purchasing to create sustained community prosperity. “It’s not just about convincing big buyers to make more efficient purchasing decisions, but also connecting and preparing the purpose-driven businesses that can meet their needs so that we scale that social and economic impact together.”

As her consultancy takes off, Stephanie is eager to work closely with local economy leaders and owner/operators to find the win-win solutions that will make a better future.


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