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Living Locally

Get your hands dirty in the garden this spring

April 19, 2018

The current cycle of snowing and thawing has us all dreaming of gardening season.

To prepare yourself, here are some REAP members that will help bring green back into your life:

Greengate Garden Centre has been a fixture of Calgary’s gardening scene for 20 years, touting equipment, plants, seeds, and environmentally-friendly pest control – much of which is sourced from Alberta. The May long weekend is their busiest time of the year, so beat the rush!
Green Calgary has kicked off its annual rain barrel sales for 2018. Now through the end of June, you can purchase rain barrels and all necessary equipment at various events around Calgary to help you harvest rainwater for your garden.
Hop Compost is Canada’s first inner-city compost company. They collect organic waste from local restaurants and eateries such as River Café and Fiasco Gelato and mulches it up in giant state-of-the-art machines to make certified-organic fertilizer. The product is sold back to its waste sources in some cases for a closed-loop cycle and is available for purchase at Greengate.
Vertical Oxygen builds Living Walls – accent walls with built-in plants – for homes, schools, hospitals and workplaces. The walls can be soil-based, self-watering hydroponic or aquaponic – the later of which is hooked up to aquariums, forming a symbiotic relationship with the fish as it filters the water and is fertilized by their waste.
For more passive gardening involvement, True Buch’s single-serve bottles of Blueberry Rooibos contribute 50 cents per bottle to REAP’s Community Orchards program. In partnership with Grow Calgary, the Community Orchards grow fruit for a multitude of Calgary’s compassionate food agencies to serve Calgarians in need.


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