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Living Locally

Growing Co opens first physical location

February 14, 2019

Growing Co Kids has found a new home and new brand as a vendor at the Calgary Farmers’ Market.

Formerly Growing Co Consignment, founder Jamie Sadler found an opportunity to access the niche of environmentally-conscious parents she was after through the Calgary Farmers’ Market’s annual Christmas fair. She enjoyed it so much that when a permanent vendor spot opened up a few weeks later, she jumped at the chance.

“We were finally in our zone,” she says.

Since the Calgary Farmers’ Market cannot permit the sale of second-hand items, Jamie restructured her business to become two fronts: an Eco-Boutique of new eco-friendly clothes, toys, and accessories for kids and babies at the Farmers’ Market, and the consignment continuing online. “Sometimes you have to adapt and take opportunities as they come, and this really fit our mandate.”

Her booth offers an eclectic array of fun and practical Canadian goodies, including natural mom-and-baby products by Lowen’s Skincare, natural laundry detergent by Claudia’s Choices, toddler sweatshirts by Alberta Apparel, and children’s books inspired by nature by local author Stephanie Hrehirchuk.

The new Eco Boutique also ties into the consignment side of Growing Co through the new Buy-back Program, where parents can become members to bring back clothes they bought new from Jamie to be consigned in exchange for store credit.

“We’re still able to support the industries we want to support, and now we have an option to not only support them but to make it work to our advantage. It’s an incentive to buy local.”

She still dreams of opening a kids consignment store to make shopping easy for parents and fun for children, with sights set on a location in the next year.

“We want to grow this out and spread the idea for a community-based shopping experience.”


Visit Growing Co Kids Eco Boutique at the Calgary Farmers’ Market Thursday-Sundays.
Check out the online consignment offerings for your little ones.
Connect with Growing Co on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Check out Growing Co’s Sustainability Profile on the REAP website
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