Be Local is a collective of locally-owned Calgary businesses who want to discover and scale up their community impact.

We aim to develop a local economy that is sustainable, resilient and works for everyone.

Here's what we fundamentally believe in:

  • Being and doing good is good for business. Doing what's good for Calgary doesn't come at the expense of running a financially successful business. Community isn't a zero-sum game. When community wins, business wins.
  • A collective, co-learning approach will support more businesses to engage in and scale social and environmental stewardship activities in ways that are both impactful and financially sustainable.
  • Strengthening connections within the local business economy will support collaborative and innovative solutions.
  • A financially, environmentally and socially sustainable local business eco-system will support poverty reduction in Calgary.
  • Consumers care and are more likely to choose a business with a positive socio-environmental footprint.
  • By working together we can tap into our collective wisdom to make both individual and collective impact.

At Be Local, we can do together that which we cannot do alone.







Momentum is a change-making non-profit—and proud steward of Be Local—that combines social and economic strategies to reduce poverty. With over 30 years of impact in Calgary, Momentum has helped thousands of people manage their money, match their dollars and help bring people out of poverty and into a sustainable livelihood. It’s more than just creating jobs and starting businesses— it’s about inspiring vibrant communities where everyone plays a role.