Who We Are

If you’re looking to discover or level up your business’s impact, you’ve found your tribe. Be Local is, unapologetically, not your average business network. 

We believe buying and selling from each other is just the beginning. We’re about building a community of passionate people that support and inspire each other (and have while fun doing it).

We believe meaningful impact extends far beyond writing a cheque. It means innovative collaborations and intentional partnerships.

We believe how we bring people together is just as important to us as what we bring together people about. That means outdoor activities, live music, art, bonfires, meditation and embracing the unconventional. 

We believe in dreaming up new possibilities that we can only achieve together.


Membership Benefits

  • Directory listing— A feature on our public directory. The only business directory in Calgary that features local, impact-driven businesses. 

  • The Best Dang Networking Events in YYC— We come together only 4 times a year as an entire network, so we make it special. Quality over quantity. Bonfires, music, roasting marshmallows, tea, meditation, drumming, smudging, yoga, and storytelling from entrepreneurs in the network. This ain’t your dad’s networking event. Nourishment for your head and your heart – come for the business knowledge, contacts and resources, stay for the inspiration and sense of belonging, you’ve finally found your people.

  • Capacity Building Workshops (Virtual)— Monthly online workshops with experts on topics including living wage, social procurement, social financing and more. The first 15 minutes are packed with info, the last 45 minutes is an optional Q&A. 

  • MasterGroup5Join a working group of 4 other impact-driven entrepreneurs. Think of this as your ongoing support posse. This 4-month engagement will help you connect deeply with 4 peers who can help with support, problem solving, resources and connections. With this group, a solution is just a text or phone call away.

  • Council of Experts— Some of Calgary’s leading marketing, branding, diversity & inclusion, technology, scale, and retail experts will be accessible via an online discussion platform. Think a subreddit group filled with local entrepreneurs all helping each other out. Sometimes help can be as simple as asking a question and getting an answer from someone who has already been there and done it.  


Included Bonuses: 

  • Design Your Impact Program— A multi-day program for founders and staff of impact-driven businesses, that focuses on identifying, implementing and scaling sustainable impact into an already operational business. 

  • Money Management Offerings— Gain access to Momentum’s award winning financial literacy programs that have been helping Canadians for almost 25 years; a special educational offering for your employees, at no cost to you or your people. Help reduce staff stress and anxiety by empowering them with a range of topics including budgeting, assets, banking, credit, and consumerism. 



What is the time commitment of membership? 

We ask that, at minimum, you do your best to attend our four annual networking events (one event per quarter). All other offerings are optional, keeping in mind that the more you put in, the more you’ll get out! We understand that you’re a busy entrepreneur, so we offer bite-sized offerings when we can. For example, join our virtual learning series once a month for 15 minutes of wisdom (the remaining 45 minutes is an optional Q&A)! 


What if I can't afford it right now? 

To ensure inclusivity, we offer options for individuals experiencing financial constraints. If finances are a barrier to you joining the network, please contact us at info@belocal.org. We're here to help. 


Why join the network? 

When values-driven entrepreneurs connect with each other, magic happens! We’ve seen members gain new partnership deals, make more B2B sales, get loans for their business, and receive one on one mentorship in an area they're struggling (ie: marketing), all through the connections they’ve made through the network. Not to mention the less tangible benefits—feeling less alone, having new friends to text for advice, and gaining new accountability partners! 


Is it for me? 

Be Local isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! But if it is, you’ll be in great company. Our network is made up of energetic, ambitious, heart-led entrepreneurs committed to changing the world. Be Local is for you if:

  • You want to do more good through your business
  • You want to scale your business AND your impact
  • You want to work ON not just IN your business
  • You want your impact to extend beyond writing a cheque and are curious about meaningful partnerships
  • You enjoy solving problems through collaboration
  • You have the time and energy to participate in at least a few events per year
Changemaker Membership (Quick Sign Up)

This membership is for you if you're looking to be inspired to create meaningful and sustainable impact through your business.

CAD $ 199 / 12 months
Champion Membership (Quick Sign Up)

Don't just be a part of the movement— help lead it! With more incredible perks and benefits, including additional exposure and complimentary tickets to SVI: Alberta, this level is for you if want to blaze a trail, and be a lead champion in the community!

CAD $ 2500 / 12 months