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Treasure Mountain JewelShop Ltd.

Member Since: 2024


About the business: Treasure Mountain Jewelshop is a Specialty Retailer of Vintage Jewellery, Artifacts and Medals from around the world. We encourage You "Restore Your Treasures!" instead of buying new. We offer beautiful ornamental items for sale and we Repair and Customize Jewellery.
Industry: Shopping & Specialty Retail
Ownership Structure: Privately Owned
Origin story of business name: My Dad puts the Treasure in Treasure Mountain Jewelshop as he was the head of our family and worked as the "Treasurer" of Canada's Major grocery Retailer Canada Safeway Ltd. We were sort of a "Safeway Family" as all 5 of us had worked for Safeway at some time or another. As the "Treasurer, my Dad had to move us around a lot from one Prairie City to another and to parts of BC as well. He worked a lot with the Major Banks and was one of the Business Execs that helped get ATM's into Grocery Stores. My Dad and Mom always had little trinket boxes with Treasures from the past. Sometimes I would stare at all the little pins and jewels and imagine all the history behind the shiny objects. I started to collect and make jewellery of my own. Collecting Treasure made me feel Settled in a changing world. The women in my Family adored Beautiful Earrings and Gemstones. The Men loved the swagger of an Emblem on a Pin. Jewellery makes a person feel instantly dressed up and fortunate. I believe everyone deserves to build a fortune. I hope a lot of Our Customers are able to find unique treasures that bring Joy into the craziness of life!
Social impact practices your company is most proud of?: I have Volunteered at WorldServe Ministries and at Bibles For Missions as a Jewellery Sorter and Pricer. I helped relieve a Colleague from her volunteer duties when she went into the hospital after a stroke. I like to fix and restore Jewellery and donate it Back into thrift Stores because I care about the sustainability of pretty things.
Environmental impact practices your company is most proud of?: For over thirty years, the business I run has been recycling precious metal back into Industry. I find a lot of broken silver and gold and I send it for Refining because it is more sustainable to Refine precious Metal than to Conquer new mines. I also encourage Customers to buy Vintage and Restored Jewellery rather than creating the need for newly produced items, as Vintage stuff is often more beautiful and better quality than new.
Certified Living Wage Provider?: Yes
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