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TuffHill eBikes

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About the business: TuffHill eBikes is a Calgary-based, family run company that locally designs electric bikes with high quality, low maintenance components specifically curated to maximize rider comfort and performance in a Canadian urban riding environment.
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Industry: Sports & Recreation
Ownership Structure: Privately Owned
Origin story of business name: TuffHill eBikes is run by two families: the Tuffs and the Hills. Combine our names you get the TuffHills, which just so happen to be the painful part of biking that eBikes help to solve :-)
Social impact practices your company is most proud of?: Through our education and sales process, we have introduced many riders to eBiking, with the result of thousands of car trips being replaced by bike trips.
Environmental impact practices your company is most proud of?: We go on rides with city counsellors and advocate for more safe biking infrastructure.
Certified Living Wage Provider?: No
A picture paints a thousand words: TuffHill team photo.jpg