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About the business: Mindfulicity is a brain-based, skill building, online training desgined to create psychologically safe environments. Through micro-learning modules individuals learn strategies that can be used every day to build healthy relationships, improve communication and navigate stress and conflict in the workplace and in their personal lives. Mindfulicity also offers workplace training sessions that include topics such as "Domestic Violence and the Workplace", "Trauma Informed Leadership" and Strategies to build Psychological Safety
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Industry: Business & Professional Services
Ownership Structure: Owned by a Non-profit
Origin story of business name: Mindfulness is the foundation for building healthy relationships and understanding the impact of our actions on those around us. Our training is grounded in Mindfulness so that's were the name "Mindfulicity" comes from.
Social impact practices your company is most proud of?: Through it's social enterprises like Mindfulicity and all its programming, YW Calgary supports vulnerable women and Children in our community.
Environmental impact practices your company is most proud of?: YW Calgary buldings are designed to be energy efficient and are operated with energy efficient practices. The organization intentionally chooses environmentally safe and friendly products for all our operations internal and external to our buildings.
Certified Living Wage Provider?: No
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