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Blu Planet Recycling

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About the business: Waste hauling services for multi-family (condo, townhomes, etc.), commercial and municipalities. Basically the same service as green and blue cart at your home but collections are offered with a greater variety in collection container size and frequency and additional materials streams.
Company Website Address:
Industry: Transportation
Ownership Structure: Privately Owned
Origin story of business name: Not much of a story the business just happened to start right around the release of Blu Planet documentary series.
Social impact practices your company is most proud of?: Living Wage Leader, 0.5% of revenue donated to Momentum (trying to get to 1%)
Environmental impact practices your company is most proud of?: Free In house refill station for household products, carbon neutral operations. In collaboration with a local farming group we started a food to farm program diverting food waste to be used as animal feed and in doing so save all the energy that went into the original food production. To date we are diverting approximately 15-20 tonnes a day.
Certified Living Wage Provider?: Yes
A picture paints a thousand words: blueplanetLogo_3g_outlines.jpg


Senior Manager of Business Development