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EZY's Village Inc.

Member Since: 2024


About the business: My business is a mobile/ on-site child care for corporate events and PD days. It also provided day camps and special events for children and 6- 12.
Company Website Address:
Industry: Family, Community & Civic Organizations
Ownership Structure: Privately Owned
Origin story of business name: I named my business after my son. He is my motivation and I would want him to have a safe and nurturing community. That is why I named it EZY's Village so that I can create that community myself for my son and lots of other children.
Social impact practices your company is most proud of?: It is going to impact the most precious members of our community, those are our children.
Environmental impact practices your company is most proud of?: No single use plastic items.
Certified Living Wage Provider?: No
A picture paints a thousand words: My Picture with my logo on my t-shirt .jpg