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Habitus Consulting Collective Inc

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About the business: Habitus is an interdisciplinary consulting collective with a mandate to mobilize knowledge and innovate strategy for meaningful social change. We focus on being innovative, impact-focused, industry leaders in addressing issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, access, capacity building and systems change. We believe that research is a powerful tool to inform practice, demonstrate impact and pursue social justice.
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Industry: Business & Professional Services
Ownership Structure: Privately Owned
Origin story of business name: Habitus is a theoretical concept by Pierre Bordieu - it speaks to the way the we carry and wear culture in ways usually invisible to us
Social impact practices your company is most proud of?: We are really focused on a positive work environment that really embraces diversity. We do all kinds of things including additional pay for additional languages, harm reduction workplace policies, and allowing for stats to be observed according to a staff's culture/faith We also just supported the City's anti-racism strategy by engaging over 2000 Calgarians in 13 languages! !
Environmental impact practices your company is most proud of?: Not super applicable to us but as a work from home business we make a difference that way! We have also started working on some environment-focused projects so now getting to learn and contribute more in this space!
Certified Living Wage Provider?: Yes
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