SVI workshops

At Social Venture Institute: Alberta, we bring together mission-driven leaders who are committed to generating positive impact through social venture. The multi-day gathering includes workshop sessions with experts on topics relevant to social entrepreneurs. Browse workshop resources from 2023 below. 


Topic A: Agile Strategy for Social Venture 

(Junxion Strategy, Mike Rowlands)

How do you translate ideas into impact? How do you hold to your values, while competition and opportunities try to push you off course? And how do you decide what's most important now—compared to what you thought was important during your last planning retreat? Today, effective strategy integrates culture and brand, embraces the change that's all around us, and is captured in a living document that empowers leaders through change, growth, and organizational development.


Topic B: Insider Tips for Scaling Your Impact

(Vall Impact Company, Charla Vall)

The role of business in society is changing. Profits and shareholder value are no longer the be-all-and-end-all. Employees, customers, and investors increasingly expect your company to be making a positive impact on society. In fact, studies show that 93% of employees believe companies must lead with purpose rather than solely focusing on making money. This is not a tick-box exercise: becoming a Purpose-driven company takes a lot more than making a charitable donation.

Use this Social Purpose Assessment tool helps you measure the degree to which your company has a compelling purpose, and how much the purpose is embedded in the company and its relationships. The assessment includes 25 practices across seven practice areas.


Topic C: Being in Flow: Creating a Supportive Container for your Vision (and Yourself) to Flourish

(Clear Sky Meditation Center, Karen McAllister & Duncan Cryle)

There are moments when you are in flow. When you are present and can intuit the moving currents and what is called for. These moments are the heart of creating something new and meaningful. But they need space and presence. The new normal is too often an exhausted, frazzled, distracted, and isolated state. When our bodies, hearts & minds are depleted we cannot be of service to the world to the extent we want to be. This can be frustrating and disappointing. Mindfulness - when integrated into our daily life - creates more self-compassion and kindness. More humanness and connection. It helps you access that creative spacious ground. From there you can take the next step. This workshop explores how mindfulness helps you create a supportive environment for more presence and flow. Only through practising kindness & compassion and tending to your own heart can you truly be of service to others.


Topic D: Understanding what is out there in the Alberta Social Venture Ecosystem

(AB Seed, Christine Spottiswood & Victoria Ross)

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